Universal Plumbing Service Plan

Our Universal Plumbing Service Plan provides you with an opportunity to choose from a variety of services that suit your needs. Depending upon the type of plumbing, heating and cooling system you have, we can help you decide on the plan that's right for you. When you pay the one time contract fee, per year, we provide you with a comprehensive inspection of your home's equipment and detailed report on the condition of your home's entire plumbing system at no extra cost and a 10% discount off our prices on any repairs you might need during that period.

For just a minimal annual fee, the Plumbing Service Agreement is a renewable service and an affordable way to have the peace-of-mind in knowing that you won't be faced with major and unforeseen plumbing repairs. Our Universal Plumbing Service Plan (UPSP) is designed to protect you against costly plumbing or HVAC emergencies. It is not a guarantee that you will not experience plumbing or HVAC failures or that repair/replacement costs will be covered at no additional charge.

You will receive FREE LABOR on normal maintenance parts installed during any scheduled call. If any additional repairs are needed at scheduled call or any normal business hours, UPSP customers are entitled to a 10% discount. The UPSP does not cover repair costs. However after the preventative maintenance inspection is completed our technician will price any recommended repairs for your approval. Customer approval is always sought before proceeding with any repairs. If you approve the repairs, the technician will make the repairs while on site or schedule an appointment. UPSP provide you with priority service - meaning your call will always take priority over any other call that comes in you get bumped to the FRONT of the line every time you call and 10% off of all labour and parts cost.

Why do I need the Universal Plumbing Service Plan?

  • Manufacturers state that the leading cause of fixture failure is due to lack of maintenance.(hot water service, heating, furnace, air-condition, taps, toilets)
  • With an annual inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your fixtures, it will keep operating at a peak and trouble-free
  • By cleaning and calibrating your equipment on a regular basis, the use of energy will be maximized, therefore keeping your fuel bills to a minimum
  • Routine maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition with the highest efficiency. This prolongs its life, therefore lowering your annual cost of equipment
  • Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble - SAVING YOU MONEY in the long run
  • SAFETY! Routine maintenance assures the safe operation of your equipment in your home and at your investment properties

Why have people not purchased agreements in the past?

  • Too complicated (don't understand the benefits)
  • Looks "legal", therefore too scary.
  • Don't believe there are any real savings.
  • Simply have not been offered the opportunity to buy